I taught myself how to code. Now I'm using my skills to build solutions for particulars, businesses and non-profits.

What I do

My specialty is full-stack web development. What I mean is crafting RESTFull APIs with Django and consuming them with Angular. I have also worked with Symfony and Vue.js. I always deliver clean and maintainable test-driven code in Python, JavaScript and PHP. When they are ready for production, I often turn my web apps into native mobile or desktop apps using tools like Ionic and Electron.

I also love to design and craft good looking websites from scratch with only HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla JavaScript. But for larger projects I know how to take advantage of the power of libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery and WordPress to deliver powerful and customizable solutions to my clients.

Tools I use

As a web developer, I use so many tools in my daily tasks but, those I can't go by without are:

  • Visual Studio Code: All the coding happens there.
  • Google Chrome: To check if everything works as expected.
  • Git: To track all the changes in my code.
  • Adobe XD: When I'm feeling inspired.

My interests

I currently have a big interest in machine learning and looking forward to take a course on it. I like to have deep conversations about tech with everyone. You can ping me on any of my social accounts if you are interested. I'll be happy to chat with you.

When I'm not coding, I'm probably reading a book, watching a movie, listening good music, walking around the city or just spending some quality time with friends and family.

Valery Melou

I'd love to discuss with you about tech or your next project. If you are interested, let's connect.